Hickory Smoked Mixed Shell Fish Grill

Hickory Smoked Mixed Shell Fish Grill


Smoky Compound Butter:
2 # Lightly Salted Butter
1/4 c Wright’s Hickory Seasoning
1 ea Lemon juiced
4 Tbls Parsley fresh chopped and squeezed
MIixed Shellfish:
2 Tbls Shallots fine diced
2 ea Whole Lobsters
12 ea Jumbo Gulf White Shrimp
1 # Little neck Clams washed
1 # PEI Mussels de bearded and washed
1 # Dry Sea Scallops
4 ea Jersey Corn on Cob blanched
Servings: To be determined on how hungry your guests are.


Smoky Compound Butter:

Allow butter to reach room temp and place in a mixer with a paddle.

Add rest of ingredients and mix on low speed scrapping sides as you go until well incorporated.

Mixed Shell Fish:

Spilt lobsters in half and lightly crack claws.

Devein Shrimp but leave shell on.

Generously brush compound butter over lobster, shrimp, scallops and corn and place on grill, continue to baste throughout cooking.

Place clams and mussels on grill, once open place in a bowl with a few Tbls of butter and toss before serving.


Serve a side of Smoky butter along with grilled seafood platter.

Be sure to serve with plenty of napkins and a bib!!!

This butter works very well as a finishing butter for steaks and chops, just roll butter into a log and refrigerate, then slice 1/2” coins and top steak or chop before serving and allow to melt on the way to customer.